- Former members

Full name: Marc Denis Charron
Birthdate/birthplace: February 4th, 1975. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Influences: Metallica and Kiss  are the main ones.
Favorite artists: Metallica, Kiss, Judas Priest, AC/DC, and many more.....
Favorite album(s):  Kiss Destroyer, Kiss, Kiss Alive I and II. Metallica Kill em All, Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets. Slayer Reign Blood. (subject to change, depending on the mood I'm in.)
The first record that you bought:I can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure it was Kiss/ Destroyer.
Favorite -song:Victims Of Sacrifice.
Favorite -album: Blood Of Tyrants and Heavy Metal Maniac.
Best experience in your life: Europeen tour 97, and Playing at Wacken Open Air 98.
Worst experience in your life: My father and my grandfather died within the same month. I wouldn't wish an experience like that to my worst enemy.
Interesting/fun tour-memories: Our (drunken) tour manager fell through the roof (air vent) of the tour bus, onto the table; breaking it in half. He looked like he was in a lot of pain. What a funny sight it was!!!! The toilet on the tour bus, overflowing with piss. When the driver hit the breaks. Well, I never thought I would see a waterfall of piss in my life. Down the steps, into the lower lounge it flowed. What a discussting mess!!! Glad I wasn't cleaning that!!!!
What you do when you don't play with : I like to go up to the cottage and fuck around and relax. Do some fishing, camping, and watch hockey when it's in season. " GO SENATORS GO!!!!!!! ".
What part of the song-writing-process do you have in : I write my own bass lines and contribute to the rhythm section of .
Stuff that you have to have with you on tour: Lots of beer, good food, a hot shower every day, and being able to make the  fans THRASHN' HARD!!!! when we play their town.
Any special "ritual" before going on stage: no drinking, concentrate, and get pumped up, to give our fans 100% of what they deserve.
If you didn't play with  which other band would you like to play with: Metallica, if I wouldn't have to play the stuff released in the 90's.
What other bands you have played with: Unknown local bands. Nothing major.
Family (i.e. if you're married, have children, brothers & sisters) Not married, no kids that I know of, and no brothers or sisters. One of a kind!!!


Full name: Paul Rolland Champagne

Birthdate/birthplace: November 5, 1974 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Influences:I donít really have any influences. I listen to so many different bands with excellent bass work. Although I would have say that Steve Harris of Iron Maiden was one of the main reasons I started playing bass.
Favorite artists:King Diamond, Mercyful fate, Iron Maiden, To/Die/For, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Anathema, Mylène Farmer,
Favorite Albums: King Diamond (Conspiracy), King Diamond (The Eye), Mercyful Fate (Melissa), Mercyful Fate (Don't Break the Oath), Iron Maiden (Somewhere in Time),To/Die/For (All), Anathema (Eternity). And the list goes on and on!!!!!!!!
The first record that you ever bought: Motley Crue (Shout at the Devil) I was only 9 years old at the time.
Favorite -song:Aggressor, Ritual Death, Blood of Tyrants

Favorite -album:The Dark Command
Best Experience in your life: My drunken teen years

Worst experience in your life: The lingering pain of regret
Interesting fun tour-memories:None so far, hopefully I will be able to ad to this section in the near future.

What you do when you don't play with : I have a career in the Federal Government. I am the Guitarist/Vocalist in my other band.
Stuff that you have to have with you on tour: I can sum up this question in one word: Beer!!!!
Any special "ritual" before going on stage: Take a deep breath, clear your mind and get ready to THRASH!
If you didn't play with  which other band would you like to play with:As a bass player I can accommodate many different styles of metal thus I would probably like to play in many different bands. Too many to mention!
What other bands you have played with: I have played in various local metal bands in the past 12 years.

Full name: Robert William DeGroot
Birthdate/birthplace: July 16th 1956, Zwiebruken West Germany, Currently I am a dual Citizen Dutch and Canadian.
Influences: Paul Rodgers, Ian Gillan, David Coverdale, Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Glen Hughes, Bon Scott, Ronnie James Dio, Robert Plant, etc.
Favorite artists: Bad Company, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Dio, Led Zepplin, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Alcatraz, Ozzy, Slade, etc.
Favorite albums: Mob Rules, Zep Presence, AC/DC High Voltage, British Steel, Purple Burn, etc.
The first record that you bought: Hang on Sloopy by Rick Derringer and theMcCoys the 45.
Favorite  -song: Aggressor
Favorite  -album: Blood of Tyrants
Best experience in your life: Last nite with Marie
Worst experience in your life: The nite before with Marie.
Interesting/fun tour-memories: Being chased around the Bar at the Plaza Hotel in Kingston Ontario Canada by an escaped female mental patient  weilding a 12 inch butcher knife. Obviously I survived.
What you do when you don't play with  : I develop promotional CD, ID, and DVD Roms, websites, and fully interactive multimedia projects.
Stuff that you have to have with you on tour: Marie
Any special ritual before going on stage: Just a good vocal warm up and maybe a good stiff drink.
If you didn't play with  which other band would you like to play with: I might like to play with Priest or maybe AC/DC
What other bands you have played with: The last two bands I played with were out of Montreal Canada. The first was Misery which was a very heavy all original speed thrash band out of Paris France and the second was also a very heavy speed band called Crematorium.
Family (i.e. if you're married, have children, brothers & sisters): I am Divorced and have one daughter Olivia Jade who is eleven years old. I have one younger brother Karl.



Full name: Joseph Paul Jacques Bélanger
Birth date/place:  July 11, 1963 in Sept-Isles, Québec, Canada
Influences: Halford/Dickinson - Sartre/Nietzsche/Heidegger.
Favorite artists:  Judas Priest, Savatage, Frank Zappa, Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull, Iron Maiden, Dixie Dreggs, Michael Schenker, Salvador Dali, Frantz Kafka, Albert Camus.
Top 10 albums:
                            1.  Unleashed in the East    Judas Priest
                            2.  Samuel Barber's violin concerto  Maxim Shostakovitch - Conductor
                                    Nadja Salerno-Sonenberg - Main violinist
                            3.  Sheik Yerbouti      Frank Zappa
                            4.  20 years of Jethro Tull (box set)  Jethro Tull
                            5.  Octopuss        Gentle Giant
                            6.  Time out        Dave Brubeck Band
                            7.  Southern Steel      Steve Morse
                            8.  Hall of the Mountain King    Savatage
                            9.  Strangers in the night    UFO
                            10.  Tokyo Tapes      Scorpions

First record you bought: Kiss Alive I
Favorite exciter -song:    To sing: Blackwitch, Intruders;
                                               Listen to: Violence and Force, Dark Command, Metal Crusaders
Favorite exciter -album:  Blood of Tyrants
Best experience in your life:  Any experience that has to do with philosophy.
Worst experience in your life:  My childhood - Plagued by parental alcoholism.
Interesting tour memories: Getting to meet or tour with some of my long time metal heroes: Meine, UDO, Lips, Biff, etc. Getting to finally visit Germany.
Activities when not playing:  Reading, Studying; Hiking; Working too hard at the job; Spending time with Mitzi, my ex-girlfriend's beautiful daughter and with Anna-Lisa, my very best friend.
What part of the song-writing process do you have in exciter ?  Unfortunately... none.
Stuff that you have to have with you on tour: Healthy food. Music CD other than heavy metal.
Any special ritual before going on stage: I am not superstitious. I just try to mentally prepare for war.
If you didn't play with exciter , what other bands you like playing with?: Michael Schenker, Priest, Maiden, Savatage.
Family status: Divorced, no kids. I however treat Mitzi as my own. She is 10 years old and she is a great kid.